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Tips For Remodeling A Fort Pierce Bathroom

Many of us put up with a dingy bathroom that may have leaky fixtures, peeling paint, stained floors, or poor lighting because it all still works and no one sees it but us anyway. That doesn’t have to be the case. Just because it works should be no excuse to leave it alone when you really don’t like the way it looks. It may work to keep a worn out but comfy pair of jeans, but you still would not wear them out to an important function. Your Fort Pierce bathroom may be making a statement to your guests that you would rather not be saying.

Decide what you would like in your remodeled Fort Pierce bathroom. Everyone seems to be enjoying larger bathrooms recently. If the budget and surrounding area allow it, you could enlarge the bathroom by a few feet. In the past bathrooms were purely functional with just enough space to take care of business. Now, we have such busy lives that we like to escape in the luxury of a large bathroom to relax in a bubble bath.

You may decide to add light, whether natural or artificial. You could enlarge or add a window for more sunlight. You could also add a variety of lighting for different uses. Dim lighting would be nice for a relaxing bath, but bright lights will be needed for shaving. More light will also make the bathroom seem larger if you could not expand the room as much as you would like.

Consider refurbishing your old cabinets. If they are in good shape, you could just refinish them. Using a lighter color will add to that spacious look. You could also add a new top to replace stained, outdated countertop. Marble can add a beautiful look to your bathroom that will have guests saying, “Wow!”.

A really nice comfort to add is radiant heat. With the heat under the flooring, you never have to worry about stepping barefooted onto a cold floor first thing in the morning. This is a costly addition, but radiant heating is efficient and can save money after the initial sticker shock.

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