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Welcome to the Vero Beach Roofing Contractor Blog provided by Panda Contractors. Topics blogged about below include many roofing tips and articles from our professional roofers including resources, specials, news and other updates from our team here at Panda Contractors.

One Simple Step To Cooling Off Your Florida Attic

Attics can get incredibly hot living in Florida, reaching temperatures of up to 140-degrees. Despite this, Floridians tend to use their attics to store things like holiday decorations or sentimental items that can deteriorate with exposure to such high heat. One solution to this problem is to install solar attic fans. These roof-mounted devices can […]

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Why Solar Roofing Is Right For Your Vero Beach Roof

Category: Solar Roofing

Many people hesitate to go solar because they imagine bulky, conspicuous solar panels squatting on their roof. Others are concerned that strict homeowners’ associations would put up a fight. If that sounds familiar, Vero Beach solar roofing may be a good alternative. Consisting of solar roof tiles that interlock with your existing tiles, Vero Beach Solar […]

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