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3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Seeking Roof Repairs

Not everybody immediately decides to hire a roofing contractor when seeking roof repairs, but it’s the safest option by far. Some consider doing the work themselves, some consider a handyman, while others consider hiring a drive-by roofer. However, these can be very costly mistakes.

  1. Doing the work yourself can be extremely risky. Working 6 to 8 feet – or more – above ground is not the same as working on your yard or walls. Going up a ladder and making sure it’s secure is critical. Most injuries in construction occur due to people falling from a ladder. The roof covering can also be warn; it can be wet causing you to slide right of the roof, get hurt and affect your family and your work, just by trying to save a few dollars. Even if you know enough to do the actual work, is it enough for a permanent fix?


  1. If you hire a handyman you could be risking losing your entire home if he falls, gets hurt and has no roofing insurance. His handyman insurance will not pay out, and your insurance doesn’t cover that either. So along comes a hungry lawyer and convinces this handyman or his wife to sue you, and they can take most of your possessions including your home. A handyman is the master of all trades, usually not a master roofing specialist, thus rather than stopping your leak he can or might make it worst. For example, Handyman usually pressure clean a lot of roofs using bleach and Clorox and reducing the life of the roof and eventually causing more leaks.


  1. A local roofer might be your best answer. Yet is this local roofer licensed, insured, or does he work out of his car or home. Does he have employees or is he covered as owner with workman’s comp exemption? So, if he gets hurt, he is covered. But if his employees (or helpers) have no coverage you could have the same challenges as you would with the handyman. Even if all his employees have all the licenses and insurances, are they trained by the manufacturer to repair or replace the roof following the codes and manufacturers requirements?

Do the employees pass a drug test and a background check? Do they come intoxicated to work and underperform? Many times, they make the repair and it lasts for a year or more, then where they tied into the good area of the roof it starts to leak because they did not have the right training for a permanent fix.

Unlike the three options above, a licensed, insured roofing and general contractor will have all the right qualifications, training, tools, personnel and management to complete any repairs or re-roofs up to code and manufacturer’s specifications. They usually have a permanent place of business you can visit and has their trucks wrapped with their company name and license on the sides. They drug test and background check all their employees. They have employee training and attend the latest seminars in order to improve their business and their employees’ skills.

There are several ways homeowners approach roof repair, but there’s only one option that makes sense. Companies that ONLY work on roofs will incur issues in which they will have to outsource work to contractors with a broader scope. At Panda, we are a full-service General contractor. Whether we find issues in the attic, load-bearing walls, roof to wall attachments or anywhere else in your home, all the work can be done by our company without having to sub out work to anyone else. Dealing with one company is a lot easier and prevents a lot of the challenges of working with multiple companies.

There are a lot of roofing companies on the Treasure Coast, but they are not equal. At Panda Contractors, we’ll make YOU smile!

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