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4 Signs Your Tile Roof May Need To Be Repaired

Many homes have concrete and or clay tile roofs in the state of Florida. These are great-looking roofs that create a Spanish, shake, or slate appearance. They have long life expectancy and are resistant to heat, which is wonderful living in the Florida sun. These tiles are mostly aesthetic or just for looks. What keeps you dry is the underlayment and flashing at transitions areas of the roof. So, keeping the tiles in good shape helps prolong the life of the roof.

However, these are four signs that it could be time to replace your tile roof.

  • Cracked or Chipped Tile– One of the differences between shingle roofs and tile roofs is the durability. Tile roofs can be a little more fragile and prone to damage due to falling branches, expansion and contraction, and as well damage due to anybody (painters, stucco man, handyman putting up shutters) walking on the roof for any reason with out proper training on how to walk on tile roofs.
  • Missing Tiles – Once in a while, tiles can get dislodged if they haven’t been installed properly. A missing tile can lead to exposure that can cause leaks and serious damage to the underlayment of the roof. While assessing a roof, always make sure to check that all tiles are present.
  • Corrosion – Florida typically has high humidity and frequent rain. Constant moisture can cause corrosion on the steel vents and steel flashings on your tile roof. This can lead to leaks into the underlayment of your roof. While inspecting your roof, make sure all the metal on your roof is rust and corrosion free. Most tiles roofs should have copper and or aluminum for their vents. We see many companies using steel to save some money upfront, yet they hurt the homeowner on the long run by not using proper materials. We see this in all new construction and re-roofing even today.
  • Pressure Cleaning – Most tile roofs attract mold and mildew due to the salt in the air and pollen on the large oaks in our area of the state. Then your HOA asks you to clean it. You hire a handy man or pressure cleaning company that cleans your driveway. He is probably not a licensed roofer or insured for roof cleaning and if he falls then he can and will sue you. Most tile cleaning companies use bleach or Clorox. While it does clean the roof, it also damages the underlayment and rusts the nails or screws holding the tiles. These will lead to premature aging of the roof, expensive repairs and require replacement of your entire roof a lot sooner than later.

At Panda Contractors, we recommend inspecting your tile roof every year by a licensed roofing contractor to ensure the safety and protection of your home. And as always, if you need someone to come out to inspect your roof, we’re here to help. We provide free inspections for home owners and do have a yearly maintenance package for all our customers. Remember to call Panda today; At Panda Roof we’ll make YOU smile.

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