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Florida Weather Impacts on Your Roof

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Homeowners in Florida know how dramatic the weather can be. The main factor is the famous Florida sun. As glorious as the sun is, its constant and consistent shining is a factor for rooftops. A good roof is going to have to be able to fight the warmth from heating up the residents it protects.

Another Florida factor is the humidity. Surrounded by water and blessed with lots of lakes and swamps, the humidity also plays a factor in the life of your roof. Seams and seals can be compromised by the ever-present humidity, especially in the coastal and swampy areas.

Florida also has its share of heavy rain and winds, not to mention the occasional hurricane or tropical storm. Your trusty roof is keeping the elements away from you while the elements fight to damage your roof and home. Keeping your home watertight and secure is one of the fundamental jobs your roof has.

If you live close to the ocean or gulf, which is easy to do in Florida, one also has to consider the ocean breezes and the salt. The ocean breezes are usually mild and wonderful, but they can kick up, catch anything that isn’t securely fastened, and carry it away. And salt, while tasty, can erode and build up on surfaces, like your roof.

All these factors need to be addressed and prepared for when it comes to the materials, construction, installation, and handling of your roof. Whether you are looking at repair, roof replacements, or the right roof for your newly constructed home or business, make sure your roofing contractor is doing all the things necessary to ensure the life, the warranty, and the safety of your roof from all the Florida elements.

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