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Vero Beach Vinyl SidingThere are many options for homeowners in Vero Beach, FL and the surrounding areas when it comes to updating the exterior siding of their homes. Siding comes in a wide range range materials including wood shakes, aluminum and vinyl. However, when it comes to home renovation, vinyl siding is a popular choice due to its easy maintenance and energy efficiency.

There are many benefits to installing vinyl siding on your Vero Beach home. Vinyl siding is long lasting, durable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. It also comes in a variety of grains, thicknesses and colors making vinyl siding a practical choice for many homeowners in Vero Beach and the surrounding areas of Florida. Vero Beach Roof RepairsVinyl siding is a great choice for Vero Beach homeowners who want to improve the look of their homes without having to deal with constantly re-painting the exterior year after year just to keep it looking good. Not having to repaint your home can save you a lot of money in exterior home maintenance costs. Plus, the energy efficient properties of Vero Beach vinyl siding products such as James Hardie's HardiPlank vinyl siding makes it easier for your home to retain a comfortable temperature all year long, saving you money on your heating and air conditioning bills.

Product Information

Vero Beach Vinyl SidingBasic Composition:

  • Portland Cement
  • Ground sand
  • Cellulose fiber
  • Select additives and water
  • Contains no asbestos, glass fibers or formaldehyde

Why James Hardie® Siding:

  • Flame Resistance: James Hardie siding is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction.
  • Weather Resistance: Resists rotting, warping, cracking, hail, and high winds up to 150 mph.
  • Hurricane Resistance: The property damage from hurricanes can be staggering. Due to its impact resistance against hail and windblown debris, fiber-cement siding has been specified by hurricane-zone building codes for building homes in hurricane, tornado, and wildfire prone areas.
  • Durability: James Hardie fiber cement siding is designed to last for up to 50 years against cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites and many other possible problems.


Vero Beach Vinyl SidingColor Accuracy: Have you ever taken a gallon of paint back to the store because it didn't match the rest of your project? How would you feel if one side of your house was a shade darker than the rest? James Hardie's color variance accuracy standards for our ColorPlus technology finish are three times stricter than what's acceptable for most "store-bought" paints and more tightly controlled than the automotive industry.

Application Consistency: James Hardie's proprietary manufacturing process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was developed especially for our fiber-cement siding. Then, the paint is baked-on in a closely controlled factory environment. This automated manufacturing process, constant quality monitoring and application of up to 50% more paint - compared to field-applied paint - provides the most consistent paint application at the optimal thickness.

Fade Resistance: Many alternative siding product finishes and paint that's applied "in the field" can fade quite substantially over time, making the colors dull and difficult to match when repairs or touch-ups are needed later on. Because James Hardie's exclusive paint is specifically engineered to withstand the sun's damaging UV (ultraviolet) rays, the James Hardie ColorPlus technology finish gives you up to 30% better fade resistance.

Paintable: If you prefer to choose your own colors, James Hardie offers their original pre-primed product which, unlike some other siding options, can be painted. And because fiber cement siding does not expand and contract, it holds paint better than wood. With a good paint schedule, you may get 10 - 12 years if you use a high grade of paint.


ARTISAN™ Lap Siding by James Hardie®

Vero Beach Vinyl SidingThis luxury, high-end exterior building product turns any house into a dream home. Artisan Lap provides stunning visual impact and curb appeal, far surpassing anything else on the market. Breaking free from the flat lines of typical modern homes, the multi-dimensional lines of Artisan Lap cast stunning, deep shadow lines across any home's exterior design. This dramatic style and sophistication blend with the structural integrity you can expect from James Hardie. With patented DuraTech™ technology, Artisan Lap provides a product with superior structural integrity. With a 5/8" thickness, deep, defined shadow lines are cast from the thicker material for maximum beauty coupled with superior structural integrity.

ARTISAN™ Lap Siding - Corner Detail Options

Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Mitered Corners
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Metal Corners
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Traditional Corners


HARDIPLANK® (Lap) Siding:

Available in 4 inch to 10 inch exposure

Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Beaded CedarMill
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Beaded Smooth



Available in in 3 different looks

Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Staggered Edge
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Straight Edge
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Half Round


Available in in 4 different looks

Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Sierra 8
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding
Vero Beach Vinyl Siding



Preparing Your Home for James Hardie Siding

Replacing Existing Lap Siding: Your wood, vinyl or aluminum siding will be removed from the walls. Once removed, we will ensure there is a solid nail base (such as plywood or OSB sheathing) and that it is fully nailed off per the current building code. If there is water or termite damage to the sheathing or framing, as a licensed Florida contractor, John Anderson has the knowledge necessary to recognize and resolve these issues.

Replacing Existing T-111 or Panel Siding: If your siding is not rotted or damaged, we will not have to remove it. If there is only minor damage, in most cases, we will only have to replace the rotted panels. We will nail off the existing panels to current building code to ensure we have a solid nail base for the siding application.

Installing Over Concrete walls: To prepare your walls for the siding, we will install furring strips at 16 inches on center. If you would like additional insulation, we can install foil faced foam panels or foil faced roll insulation to reflect the sun's heat to keep your house cooler and dryer.

Installing Over Stucco Walls: First we will ensure the stucco is level and firmly attached to the structure. If not, we will make a recommendation based on your building's structure (e.g. frame or concrete block). To prepare your walls for the siding, we will install furring strips at 16 inches on center. If you would like additional insulation, we can install foil faced foam panels or foil faced roll insulation to reflect the sun's heat to keep your house cooler and dryer.

Installing James Hardie Siding

When the nail base is properly prepared, we will install James Hardie's vapor barrier, new flashing around all windows and doors and, if needed, metal flashing at the base of the house or gables. Now your house will be completely water tight.

We will blind nail the new siding for a clean, nail-free appearance on your walls. When we install the trim we use stainless steel nails for their weather resistance and increased holding capacity.

Finally we will caulk the siding and trim using top quality caulk to the manufacturer's specifications. According James Hardie's installation guide, the bottom of the laps should never be caulked to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the building structure.

If you are not using a ColorPlus product, we will paint your house using top quality, 100% acrylic primer and paint. Although the siding comes pre-primed, we apply an additional coat of primer to improve paint color retention and prevent shadowing. Finally, we apply two coats of paint in your choice of color. It has been our experience that with this paint schedule and proper care, your paint should have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.


Our Vero Beach Vinyl Siding Contractors Provide These Services

  • Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Vinyl Siding Repairs
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Exterior Siding
  • Siding Colors
  • House Siding
  • Siding Installation
  • Siding Repairs
  • Siding Contractor
  • Exterior House Siding
  • Siding Replacement
  • Vinyl Siding Contractor

Why Vero Beach Should Hire Us for Their Vinyl Siding

At Panda Contractors we have a professional team of Vero Beach vinyl siding experts that are skilled in vinyl siding installation and repairs. Our vinyl siding products come in a variety of styles and colors, so you are certain to find something that matches your home, style and budget. Replacing your Florida home's exterior siding with our energy efficient vinyl siding solutions will reduce your maintenance costs, conserve energy, boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home - all with one easy, virtually maintenance-free solution. If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in installing new vinyl siding or need siding repairs made to your home, give us a call!

You can count on over 40 years of home renovation experience when you choose Panda Contractors for your vinyl siding needs. We are a fully licensed and insured Vero Beach roofing contractor and general contractor, and we are qualified to take on all of your home renovation needs. We offer prompt project completion and quality craftsmanship on every home renovation, whether it's house painting, vinyl siding installation, or roof replacements - and everything in between.

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If you are looking for Vero Beach vinyl siding services in Florida, then please call us today at 772-231-5959 or complete our online service request form.


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